Here is a list of the props and useful wardrobe items.

 All of these items are included in your one price hire fee 

Please note we are constantly reviewing, and improving this list. 


6 small (fake) potted Plants. "I got these Plants repotted for you" 

A tray for the Potted Plants 

An 'Antique' Telephone for set dressing 

An old Cash register 

  Pistol one (Seymour visits Orin's Surgery.)

Pistol two (Seymour fires at the Audrey II)

A Typewriter

A Radio

A Feather Duster

Shop counter bell (ding!)

Shop Open/Closed Sign

A Hand brush

A shovel (For the Hand Brush) 

A Camera

A Watering Can

A Brass Plant Mister "Oh God how I mist you"

A magnifying  glass

 2 Torches

Rat poison

A scraper (little red dots)

Machete/Cleaver "Take that!"

Orin's portable Gas inhaler

Orin's dentist drill "It's an antique!" 

Assorted dental instruments.

Comedy dental forceps

Bloody Rubber Gloves

Blood Bucket 

Orin's body parts

Flowers for Mrs. Shivah "Our most important funereal account" 

1 dozen American 'beauty' Roses

6 small Audrey Heads (package one)

6 larger Audrey Heads (package one)

 4 Telephones (Call back in the morning)

Assorted American themed signs

'Here she is the Audrey II' sign 

Mushnik Skid Row Florist sign with 'AND SON' addition 

Flower Shop Counter with a trick hole 

The first Audrey in a trick pot

The second Audrey in a trick pot with jacket attached

The third Audrey in a floor standing giant pot  

The largest Audrey (swallows people whole)

3 Baby Audreys